Exclusive Excerpt from

Exclusive Excerpt from "Strategic KAIZEN™"

Enjoy a free excerpt of Masaaki Imai’s third book "Strategic KAIZEN™: Using Flow, Synchronization, and Leveling [FSL™] Assessment to Measure and Strengthen Operational Performance" and grab your copy today via this link.

Chapter 14: THE FLOW

Entropy on the Shop Floor

"Shop floors are fraught with abnormalities that disrupt smooth flow. Every time it happens, it is management’s task to bring it back to normalcy…

…Even when no problem seems to exist and everything seems to be under control, one should be reminded that anything and everything that goes on the shop floor is destined to deteriorate on its own if left alone…

…By extending the concept of the second law of entropy of heat engineering to shop floor management, we arrive to the conclusion that "every order on the shop floor is destined to deteriorate in itself if standards are not established and maintained."

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Masaaki Imai, founder of Kaizen Institute, and author of Kaizen, Gemba KAIZEN™ and Strategic KAIZEN™. © 2021 by McGraw Hill. Reprinted with permission.

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