Capability #7 Piloting, Assessing, Benchmarking & Scaling

Capability #7 Piloting, Assessing, Benchmarking & Scaling

To develop a Lean Resilient Supply Chain, seven key capabilities must be mastered by Chief Supply Chain Officers.

The 7th capability is the Capability of Piloting, Assessing, Benchmarking & Scaling.

To be successful in a Lean Transformation, the Initiative must be included in the Top Five most important Strategic Initiatives of the Organization.

Once this is assured, you need to start with a good Pilot. We do that with a Strategic Value Stream Analysis Workshop (sometimes the success in the Pilot assures the Initiative will be one of the Top Five most important ones).

Next, go ahead with the implementation of KAIZEN™ Events and Project Management with a Mission Control Room (obeya Room). A good Pilot should show double digit business results once executed.

The Supply Chain VSA workshop includes a detailed Assessment and Benchmark with the Best Practice of E2E, Demand Driven Agile & Lean Supply Chains.

The file 7 KEY CAPABILITIES for a Supply Chain Lean Transformation outlines the Standard of implementing Value Stream KAIZEN™ and how to Scale with a TDP Team Development Program.

Our next post will be the last of this series: “How can you Learn more” and master the Seven Key Capabilities for a Lean & Resilient Supply Chain Transformation.

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