Capability #6 Increasing Supply Chain Resilience

Capability #6 Increasing Supply Chain Resilience

To develop a Lean Resilient Supply Chain seven key capabilities must be mastered by Chief Supply Chain Officers.

The 6th capability is the Capability of Increasing Supply Chain Resilience.

We need a more resilient supply chain. We need to explore the Pull System to fight instability and become more resilient. How can we adapt the Lean system to become more resilient?

The metaphor of the river with rocks is a good analogy for a Lean System.

A Lean System will certainly have less rocks, and the water will flow faster, but if you are anticipating disruption you can preventively increase the water level.You will then have some protection against disruption and you will recover faster because of the added speed.

Resiliency is the capability to quickly recover from unforeseen disruption, and a Lean System with some Just-In-Case Protection will increase your Resiliency compared to a Traditional "River with Rocks" System...

The file 7 KEY CAPABILITIES for a Supply Chain Lean Transformation outlines the process for Increasing Supply Chain Resilience.

In our next post we will talk about the last Capability #7 Piloting, Assessing, Benchmarking & Scaling.

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